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  • Lightweight Tile Roof Upgrades
  • All better UV Protection
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Conservatory Roof Refurbishment in Preston

Over the last few years Lee Kelly has been replacing a lot of conservatory roofs, unfortunately some of the early versions of conservatories have been of a very poor standard and specification and this has been down to the roof and glass having very little UV protection and no thermal efficiency.

There are now quite a few options available to upgrade your conservatory, you can either upgrade the roof only or for a better thermal efficient finish you can also upgrade the glass in the windows and doors. (On some occasions it may just only be the roof that requires replacing).

To get the best upgrade possible the three most popular options on roofs are:-

Heatguard Polycarbonate

Heatguard Polycarbonate is a higher specification than standard polycarbonate.

High Performance Glass

High Performance Glass (Our most common glass Celsius Elite). This in used in all our refurbishments and new builds. The Celsius Elite gives 0.9 in U value {The lower the value the better the performance}. Also now available is 35mm triple glaze, giving better noise reduction and a better U value. Please see our 'Product Page Conservatories' for more information.

Solid Roofs

Solid Roofs (Lightweight Roofs) Suitable for New Builds and Refurbishments, it is highly insulated and comes with a choice of finishes and colour options. This type of roof is better for noise reduction and heat retention. Please see our 'Product Page on Solid Roofs' for more information